Why We Did It

  • Drawing, Sketching, doodling is integral to literacy.

  • Scientific Studies have shown sketching, drawing, journal writing, etc can support the function of maximizing cognitive strength. It has certain advantages and therefore should be part of every person’s toolbox. Study after study has shown that putting pen to paper is still the best form of conversing with our minds.

The Aaron Arts Sketchbook

  • We understand that there are hundreds of sketchbooks that are available currently, but we chose to be different. When designing the paper we stayed away from the boring disposable stationery found in your local supermarkets. At the same time we did not use any fancy material that would make it to expensive to use.

  • Our solution was to design a premium paper pad packaged at a pleasing price.

The Paper We Designed

  • We wanted the surface grain of the paper to become an integral part of whatever someone was doing, resulting in a different feel, with a more "physical" approach. The textured paper was created to be more interesting on an emotional level.

  • The pages are acid free and bleed proof.

The Spiral Binding

  • We choose to spiral bind our book because it is more durable. The pages can be opened a full 360 degrees allowing freedom and good flexibility, making the pad easier to handle.

The Cover and Back

  • We made the cover lightweight and strong with a minimalist design, so you can personalize it or choose to leave it how it is. The hardback cover is the same size as the paper inside the pad making it more portable.